Published: January 2019

The time is now for comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation

Coalition: Privacy Now

Consumer and privacy organizations released a framework for comprehensive privacy protection and digital rights for members of the 116th Congress. In it, they stated that U.S. data privacy laws must be overhauled (without pre-empting state laws) and a new data privacy agency should be created to confront 21st century threats and address emerging concerns for digital customers.

Consumer Action joined 15 other consumer, privacy and civil rights groups in releasing a Framework for Comprehensive Privacy Protection and Digital Rights in the United States. It calls for comprehensive federal legislation that would ensure a basic level of privacy protection for all individuals in the United States, while allowing states, as “laboratories of democracy,” to continue to innovate in order to respond appropriately to keep up with rapidly changing technology that can raise new privacy concerns.

Other Organizations

Berkley Media Studies Group | Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Center for Digital Democracy | Center for Media Justice | Color of Change | Consumer Action | Consumer Federation of America | Defending Rights & Dissent | Electronic Privacy Information Center | Media Alliance | Parent Coalition for Student Privacy | Privacy Rights Clearinghouse | Privacy Times | Public Citizen | Privacy and Digital Rights for All | Stop Online Violence Against Women U.S. PIRG

More Information

Click here to read the full letter.

For more information, please visit Public Citizen.

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