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Consumer Action is working on these important issues along with other organizations. If you would like to know more about these issues, please see “More Information” at the end of each article.



Consumer groups urge Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of the CFPB
In an amicus brief, consumer advocacy groups urged the Supreme Court to reverse the Fifth Circuit’s ruling, in the case CFSA v. CFPB, that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s funding statute is a violation of the Appropriation Clause—a decision in direct contrast to the Second Circuit’s unanimous ruling that the CFPB’s funding structure does not violate the U.S. Constitution.

Comment submitted in support of CFPB’s proposed rule that would cap credit card late fees at $8
Consumer Action and allies submitted comments in support of a proposed CFPB rule that would cap credit card late fees at $8, unless the card issuer can justify a higher amount.

Groups voice support for privacy legislation to protect children and teens
Consumer Action was one of many groups that voiced support for online privacy legislation that would outlaw data practices that fuel harmful algorithms targeting kids and teenagers with toxic content.

Groups urge U.S. senators to advance legislation that would result in lower drug prices
More than 40 advocacy organizations sent a letter to the 118th Senate urging the lawmakers to advance legislation would result in lower drug prices for millions.

Support for California right-to-repair legislation
Consumer Action and allies wrote to the California Senate Judiciary Committee expressing support for SB 244—California legislation that would guarantee consumers’ right to make or seek repairs to their own electronics products independent of the device manufacturer.

FDIC should downgrade FinWise Bank over predatory ‘rent-a-bank’ lending
A coalition of consumer advocacy organizations submitted a letter to the FDIC urging the agency to downgrade FinWise Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act rating in light of the bank’s providing assistance to several nonbank lenders that enables them to make high-cost predatory loans they could not make directly.

Congress should increase maximum Pell Grant award
Consumer Action was among more than 100 groups urging Congress to make college more affordable and reduce student debt burdens by increasing the maximum Pell Grant award to $13,000.

FCC should ban forced arbitration clauses in telecommunications services contracts
Advocacy groups responded to the FCC’s call for comment on proposed rulemaking on data breach reporting requirements and urged the agency to consider banning forced arbitration clauses in telecommunications service contracts with consumers, which allow corporations to avoid consequences for their wrongdoing.

Advocates blast so-called data privacy bill that would wipe out state consumer protections
Consumer advocates blasted a so-called data privacy bill, introduced by Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC), that would actually roll back protections provided under state law while offering little or no real new federal protections.

Regulation urged to rein in excessive overdraft fees
A dozen advocacy organizations joined the Center for Responsible Lending in urging the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to require that OCC-supervised banks reform their predatory overdraft fee programs.

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