Published: March 2017

Republicans want to kill FCC’s consumer privacy protections

In an attempt to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) landmark internet privacy rules, the FCC’s new republican chairman, Ajit Pai, will hear comments on petitions for the Commission to suspend and ultimately rescind new privacy rules from broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. The rule would have required these internet service providers to take more stringent steps to protect consumers' personal data. Privacy advocates, including Consumer Action, denounce the attempt to weaken the rule, arguing that consumers’ information will be more vulnerable to breaches and unauthorized use. As it stands, the rule will provide vital consumer privacy protections that will help ensure consumers have choice, transparency, and security.

In October 2016, the Federal Communications Commission adopted ground-breaking privacy rules protecting the personal information of broadband internet service customers. The FCC rules set limits on what internet service providers (ISP) may do with the highly sensitive data that they collect in the course of providing internet service. These rules were intended to give consumers the tools they need to make informed decisions about how their information, or the information of their families, is used by their ISP.

These privacy protections are vital because consumers greatly value their privacy. Consumers often take steps to protect themselves against collection, use, and disclosure of their data. Any attempt to weaken or revoke the FCC's broadband internet privacy rule allows for the unraveling of critical, pro-consumer online privacy protections.

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