Published: December 2012

HR 5817 would threaten existing consumer privacy rights

Coalition: Privacy Coalition

Proposed bill HR 5817 would eliminate certain annual privacy disclosures that help consumers understand when their personal information profiles are being shared and how to opt out.

Consumer Action joins the Privacy Coalition in opposing HR 5817, the so-called “Eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act.” The privacy notices at stake play an important role in educating consumers that federal law allows companies to share their confidential personal information profiles with both affiliated and non-affiliated companies, and provides them with a limited right to opt-out of some third-party sharing.

Instead of eliminating this important transparency, Consumer Action and the Privacy Coalition urge Congress to require firms to tell consumers what their current choices are for information sharing, and the Congress should give consumers more privacy rights.

Lead Organization

U.S. PIRG – The Federation of state PIRGs

Other Organizations

American Civil Liberties Union | American Library Association | CALPIRG
| Center for Digital Democracy | Consumer Action
| Consumer Federation of America | Consumer Watchdog
| Consumers Union
| FoolProof Financial Education Systems | Liberty Coalition
| National Workrights Institute
| Patient Privacy Rights
| Privacy Camp
| Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
| Privacy Times
| Remar Sutton, Founder—Privacy Rights Now | U.S. PIRG
| World Privacy Forum

More Information

For more information visit USPIRG

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