Published: February 2024

52 advocacy groups endorse FTC’s ban on junk fees

Consumer Action was part of a broad coalition of advocacy organizations that voiced support for the FTC’s proposed rulemaking on junk fees, which would ban hidden and misleading fees across the economy.

Consumer Action was one of 52 advocacy groups to submit a joint comment to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in support of the agency’s proposed rulemaking to address unfair and deceptive practices related to fees. “Junk fees”—bogus, hidden charges—are now commonplace in everything from auto loans and airfares to concert tickets and hotel stays. Because they are often hidden until the tail end of a transaction, it is difficult or impossible to compare the true cost of a purchase. Hidden fees harm all consumers, but they can be particularly financially damaging to vulnerable consumers. The FTC’s proposal to ban hidden and misleading fees would create a fair, transparent marketplace for honest businesses, stimulate competition, and save consumers time and money.

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Consumer Federation of America

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