Published: September 2019

Consumer Action joins the Ban Facial Recognition Campaign

Facial recognition surveillance is biased, invasive and it violates basic rights. Members of a new coalition privacy effort, the Ban Facial Recognition Campaign, are urging Congress to pass legislation that bans the government from using this dangerous technology to spy on the American public.

Facial recognition is unlike any other form of surveillance. It enables automated and ubiquitous monitoring of an entire population, and it is nearly impossible to avoid. If we don’t stop it from spreading, it will be used not to keep us safe, but to control and oppress us—just as it is already being used in authoritarian states. Consumer Action joined the Ban Facial Recognition Campaign in a joint effort to urge Congress to ban the use of this dangerous technology. It’s time for the federal government to take a stand to prevent this technology from proliferating across the country.

Lead Organization

Fight For The Future

Other Organizations

MediaJustice | Restore the Fourth | Defending Rights & Dissent | Color of Change | Demand Progress | Free Press Action | Black Alliance for Just Immigration | MiJente | Open Media | Epic | X Lab | Fight For the Future | Detroit Community Technology Project | Constitutional Alliance | Roots Action | Media Alliance | Oakland Privacy | Popular Resistance | 18MR | Council on American-Islamic Relations | | Daily Kos | Consumer Action | Muslim Justice League | ADC | Privacy Times | United We Dream | | Green Peace

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For more information, please visit the coalition's website.

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