Published: November 2015

Best practices for identity theft services

Consumer Federation of America (CFA) released Best Practices for Identity Theft Services Version 2.0, updating the guidance that it originally issued in 2011 to encourage for-profit identity theft service providers to follow responsible practices. The revised copy addresses new trends and issues that have arisen in the identity theft service marketplace and strengthens some of the original provisions. With security breaches and identity theft cases so much in the news, it’s important for purchasers of these services to understand what they’re getting and for consumers to be treated fairly.

In consultation with Consumer Federation of America's (CFA) Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group, which includes Consumer Action, CFA’s revised best practices outlines ways service providers within the industry can better disclose their costs, service agreements and privacy policies to consumers. There is also a new section in the best practices about data breach services. Businesses, government agencies, and organizations often purchase identity theft services to help individuals whose personal information they hold if that information is breached. Under the best practices, identity theft service providers that seek to sell breach services to such entities should clearly explain the benefits and limitations of their programs and how the features may help breach victims. The data breach provisions also limit the collection, sharing and use of victims’ personal information to that which is necessary to provide the breach services and address how identity theft service providers should approach soliciting those individuals to purchase services after the breach services end.

Lead Organization

Consumer Federation of America (CFA)

Other Organizations

Call for Action | Consumer Action | Mari Frank, Esq. | Privacy Rights Clearinghouse | AllClear ID | Experian | EZShield Fraud Protection | ID Analytics | ID Experts | IDT911 | Intersections Inc.| Kroll | Merchants Information Solutions | Zander Identity Theft Services

More Information

For more information, please visit CFA's website on ID theft.

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