Published: January 2021

Advocates urge the Biden administration to slash drug costs

Advocates wrote to the Biden administration asking the President-elect to immediately implement a series of reforms to slash prescription drug costs once he takes office. Advocates urged the President-elect to authorize more generic competition through patent licensing, launch a demonstration project in Medicare to link payments to vastly lower costs paid broadly and prosecute pharmaceutical companies for anti-competitive behavior. Americans currently spend more on prescription drugs than anyone else in the world. There were 717 drug price increases so far this year, and just seven of them on generics, bumping prices up by 4.5 percent on average. It’s time to improve the lives of patients and families by lowering drug prices and making medicines affordable.

Reducing prescription drug costs has long been a top priority for Americans, yet drug prices continue to rise year after year. Advocates are urging President-elect Biden to take rapid, bold action to deliver relief from prescription drug price gouging, using executive authorities that do not require congressional authorization. For the people across the nation who are making difficult choices about paying for food and rent or paying to fill their prescriptions, the access to medicines crisis could not be more urgent, and so nor can our response.


Lead Organization

Public Citizen

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Public Citizen | Social Security Works | Indivisible | Accountable.US | AIDS Healthcare Foundation | American Family Voices | American Federation of Teachers | AMSA | Center for Popular Democracy Action | Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, US Provinces | Consumer Action | Doctors for America | Families USA | Health Care Voices | Health GAP | Just Care USA | National Advocacy Center for the Sisters of the Good Shepherd | NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice | Other98 | Partners In Health | People's Action | PrEP4All | R2H Action [Right to Health], USA | T1International | U.S. PIRG

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