Published: September 2012

Additional requirements for charitable hospitals needed

Consumer Action supports the IRS' new standards for hospitals regarding their written financial assistance policies and offers suggestions to ensure further transparency and disclosure.

Consumer Action joins other advocacy groups by supporting the proposed rules outlined in the Affordable Care Act in regards to charitable hospitals financial assistance policies. The IRS and Treasury's proposed rules promote transparency and disclosure.

However, there are several recommendations the coalition suggests to strengthen patient protections, including:

  • Ensuring lack of documentation is not a barrier to assistance
  • Prohibit social security number requirements
  • Promote patient-friendly methods to qualify patients for assistance other than through a formal application process
  • Add charging interest on patient bills to the list of Extraordinary Collection Actions (ECAs)
  • Exempt patients who are eligible for financial assistance, means-tested public programs or subsidies from further collection action

Lead Organization

National Consumer Law Center

Other Organizations

National Consumer Law Center | Consumer Action | Consumer Federation of America | U.S. PIRG | Empire Justice Center | Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP) | MFY Legal Services, Inc.

More Information

Visit NCLC for more information

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Additional requirements for charitable hospitals needed   (Additional requirements for charitable hospitals.pdf)




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