Published: June 2020

AbbVie—Allergan merger a bad deal for consumers

As the Federal Trade Commission signs off on the $63 billion deal between AbbVie and Allergen, advocates warn that the merger will reduce competition in a number of markets where AbbVie and Allergan directly overlap with each other. The deal will also exacerbate competitive problems that already exist in the pharmaceutical drug industry relating to rebate walls and patent abuses.

The pharmaceutical drug industry has become increasingly concentrated in recent years, often resulting in higher prices and reduced choice for consumers. Increasing evidence shows that consumers are paying higher prices for prescription drugs and losing out on access and choice because of less innovation by drug companies. Advocates wrote to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to express concerns about the AbbVie and Allergan merger in light of the news that the FTC accepted the proposed consent order in connection with AbbVie's pending acquisition of Allergan. While all of the FTC's required antitrust clearances were met, the FTC ultimately failed to fully restore competition.

Lead Organization

Coalition to Protect Patient Choice

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Families USA | American Federation of State | County, and Municipal Employees | American Federation of Teachers | Alliance for Retired Americans | American Family Voices | Consumer Action | Coalition to Protect Patient Choice | Doctors for America | End AIDS Now | Services Employees International Union | Social Security Works | Treatment Action Group | UNITEHERE | U.S. PIRG Education Fund

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For more information, please visit the Coalition to Protect Patient Choice.


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