Published: February 2024

Groups tell FTC that Americans want the right to repair their stuff

Consumer Action was one of the organizations to sign a letter to the FTC urging the agency to take steps to remove manufacturer restrictions that make it harder and more expensive for consumers to repair their phones, laptops and tablets.

Consumer Action joined consumer advocacy allies in a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) calling for the agency to end device manufacturers’ restrictions on how and where consumers can repair their smartphones, tablets and computers. While states have made progress on “Right to Repair” over the last few years, there is no federal ban on barriers to repair. Consumer protection groups, lawmakers, businesses and individual consumers are seeking the FTC’s support and assistance in ensuring access to the parts, tools and information needed to repair their devices and in creating better transparency for prospective customers seeking to understand the repairability of products at the point of sale. Easier repairs will not only make it simpler and cheaper for consumers to repair their phones, laptops, and tablets, it also helps the environment because more repair means less electronic waste.

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