New Consumer Action video offers tips for avoiding fraud during National Consumer Protection Week and year-round

Wednesday, March 09, 2022


Do you think consumers who lose money to a scammer can never get it back? Have you ever wondered why some consumers are more vulnerable to fraud? And, what scams should everyone watch out for in 2022? You can find out answers to these questions during National Consumer Protection Week in Consumer Action's latest webinar.

Consumer Action recently hosted a webinar focusing on some of the most rampant scams and fraud schemes, featuring speakers from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Consumer Law Center, and the University of California, Santa Cruz—and it's up on our YouTube page just in time for FTC-led National Consumer Protection Week.

People who have had a chance to view the webinar have praised it. One financial counselor, who serves military servicemembers in the Midwest, referred to the webinar as "one of the most relevant, informative, and engaging consumer awareness presentations" she had ever participated in. Another attendee, from a legal services agency in the mid-Atlantic region, said she would be "putting the information and tips into practice right away" on the organization's helpline.

Whether you are a consumer or a community educator, you will not want to miss the opportunity to learn about the latest scams, tips for recovering money lost to scammers, and the tactics used by fraudsters to target consumers. Watch the video here.

During National Consumer Protection Week, we also want to encourage community members to share their personal stories of fraud with the FTC. The agency is asking members of the public to recruit friends, family and neighbors across all communities to report scams to them. In particular, the FTC wants to ensure that instances of fraud experienced by members of the LGBTQ, African American and Latino communities are included in reports to the agency's website. The FTC shares reports from the public with its law enforcement partners to help with investigations.

Learn more about the FTC's current effort to reach every community here.

Learn about Consumer Action's other videos and educational publications at

Through education and advocacy, nonprofit Consumer Action fights for strong consumer rights and policies that promote fairness and financial prosperity for underrepresented consumers nationwide.




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